Monday, 1 June 2015

Review | Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Express Manicure

As much as a pamper evening can satisfy me no end sometimes it's nice to sit back and let someone else do the job, I'm not talking bribing your sisters to pluck your eyebrows for you I mean actually parting with some money *tear rolls down left cheek* in return for a lovely treat.

Recently my sister came to stay for the week so we decided to use some of my left over birthday money to treat ourselves to an express manicure at the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool. Now can I just say walking into the Beauty Bazaar is an almost surreal experience albeit one that smells decidedly like Jo Malone. Beauty counter girls are intimidating, let's be honest, their hair is perfectly blow dried and their make-up is flawless but fear not, they are humans too and normally delightful ones at that.

The nailsinc champagne nail bar is located on the second floor of the bazaar (this word reminds me of Aladdin too much, just me?) as well as a mini hair salon and the Wow bar so your dad/brother/boyfriend can escape while you enjoy yourself.

Anyway, onto the manicure. We were greeted by two friendly technicians who directed us to a nailsinc stand from which we could pick any nail varnish we liked for our manicure.

I went for a gel polish for a more glossy finish in the colour Mayfair Lane (all of nailsinc polishes are named after roads in London, cute!) which is a beautiful muted baby pink, very classy and understated just like me (ahem).

We were offered a complimentary glass of champagne which pleased me greatly as it's one of my favourite drinks and something, as a student, I'm rarely treated to.

The nail technician took to shaping, buffing, filing my nails and all that good stuff before applying a base coat. After a couple of coats of Mayfair Lane she also popped on a top coat for extra long lasting power and some cuticle oil which I thought was a lovely touch. After this we were encourage to spend as long as possible waiting for our nails to dry which is a refreshing change to being ushered out as soon as the brush leaves your pinky and smudging your manicure on the way. My nails are still pretty intact after a week as you can see below which is a bonus.

It was a lovely pick me up for a Monday morning and was £18 which I didn't think was too bad considering the champagne, I would recommend it to anyone wanting a little treat for themselves and a friend it was certainly a good start to the week for me!

I'd love to try more of the treatments at the Beauty Bazaar if there's any you can recommend or have tried?

Lots of love from Me x

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