Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Skinted & Minted: Graduation Edition

Earlier in the week I sent out a plea into the world of twitter (you can follow me here) as to what kind of things people wore for graduation and the response was..shit all. So in light of this I will write my own guide.

Of course, like me, I'm sure more often than not your eyes are bigger than wallet and whilst you'd look ravishing in that £400 dress it would take you about 6 months to save so you graciously let it slip through your fingers. Fear not. I have compiled a list of beautiful dresses that will please both trust fund princesses and overdraft goddesses. Skinted & Minted: its all making sense now isn't it?

First, for those of you who are blessed with a healthy bank account there's these two beauties from Whistles.
Leanora Burn Out Dress - Whistles - £195

I'm a big fan of a midi dress, it creates an allusion of sophistication for an old lout like me and I think the lemon might add an element of colour to those hideous (and expensive!) gowns you have to rent. Picture yourself in this with a glass of prosecco on your university lawn hand on that hip like you're gracing the cover of Harper's Bazaar. Very chic.

This one is a bit more edgy and certainly not for the faint hearted but I adore the print and there's nothing that says "hire me" like a standout-from-the-crowd dress. Again, it's from Whistles and a bargain (okay I lied) at £130.But who knows, get a 2:1 and your parents might be guilt-tripped into buying it for you.

Pampus Print Dakota Dress - Whistles - £130

This is what I imagine a fashion or architecture student might glide across the ceremony hall in whilst the rest of us sit drooling into the laps of our second hand eBay purchases. The print says you don't take yourself too seriously and you'd probably rather be in Ibiza but the length and tailoring screams "I'm a classy bitch with a fab degree".

If you're ever so slightly more financially challenged but not completely devoid of cash, Zara is a good alternative to somewhere like Whistles.
Crossover buckle dress - Zara - £39.99

The draping on this is gorgeous and I genuinely believe cerulean is a colour which looks good on pretty much any skintone. This is definitely nicer on the bank balance and still looks high end although it is made from 100% viscose so whilst you might think dancing around bonfires in your bare feet whilst you sacrifice your student life and general happiness is a good idea in this ensemble it is definitely NOT.

Another from Zara and another print which I'm not normally into but, come on, look at this beautiful piece of fabric.
Printed Dress - Zara - £45.99

If, like me, you're an incomparable attention seeker, then this is the dress that will make you stand out amongst the other 1000 or so students graduating alongside you. Hey, you might have no career prospects and a looming student debt but you've slayed all the other debt riddled graduates around you and, right now, you need this win. Besides, the monochrome print will go amazingly well with your black gown and it's the perfect mixture between casual and smart.

And for those of you who are just totally skinted (i feel ya gurl) I've got something for you too. Boohoo is our old faithful...
Bodycon Midi Dress - Boohoo - £8

At £8 you can't really go wrong, this will look smart and, let's call it what it is, your bum is going to look amazing in it - midi dresses have a way of doing that. If you are less of a retiring wallflower you can add statement jewellery or a bold belt to jazz it up a bit but this dress will see you through many other occasions after your graduation so it's a good bet.

Another great alternative is this little number from New Look.
Sleveless Tunic Dress - New Look - £12.99

In this dress you can re-imagine your university years as a string of peace protests and discos and the like. Plus, 70s fashion is, yet again, 'in' at the moment. I know, Vogue told me. The sense of nostalgia this dress creates will compliment yours as you remember that first cup of tea you had with your best friend, your first bout of tearful homesickness or that time you turned up to lectures hungover and nearly passed out at your desk.

Whatever you wear; enjoy the day! Say thank you to your tutors, say goodbye to people you never want to see again and make plans with those you do. Graduating with a degree is an amazing feat and you deserve to look amazing doing it!

Lots of love,

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